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With so many martial arts systems today focusing on the sports arena it's so easy to comprehend why the often blissfully unaware student of their system simply doesn't realise how different the real world of street combat can actually be to the Dojo of martial arts.


The primary focus of Bushindo-Kai is the progression of knowledge and the application of physical science's into the systems foundational structure.


Whilst the self expressive nature of the art is encouraged so also must be the balance of street combat and the study of the human anatomical structure when self defence considerations are integrated into the triadic prospectus.


From the primary study of octagonal movement to the triangular positions of central line development, you will experience much more than merely a hypothetical synopsis of theoretical experiments.


Bushindo-Kai uses controlled force applicational assertion methods to invoke pressured fight or flight instinctive responses in natural environmental based training, developing your awareness and enhancing the adrenaline 'shock' sensation a student is often hindered by when initially facing real life combat situations.


Enouragement is given towards the expansion of the mind and through advanced study of sensory awareness, psychological understanding and controlled breathing a deeper knowledge soon becomes apparant:



'There is nothing left to fear but fear itself.'




'Redefine Your Existence'



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