What Is A Black Belt Degree?

Traditionally a Black Belt was awarded to the student as a symbol of honour, respect and proficiency in the Ryu or school of their practiced art.

Today many claim Black Belt awards in sport based martial art systems which hold little if any relevance to the world of real life combat.

For this reason many Black Belts have been beaten in the streets by lesser trained combatants who have more experience in circumstances which hold no honourable courtesy towards the life and respect of another human being.

The NBPAF shows no disrespect or dispute to such rankings, we do however expect the student to demonstrate competency in assault disengagement and obtain proficiency in assault control methods under extreme circumstances of applied force.

Only once the NBPAF is satisfied that the student has shown the necessary confidence, experience and willingness to persevere when faced with overwhelming odds will the student be awarded with a Black Belt Degree.


How Do I Apply?

Bushindo-Kai accepts applications for Black Belt Degree Courses from applicants whom possess the correct self discipline and true hearted sincerity to act in accordance with the creed of the Shadow Warrior Traditions Society.

You must already hold a proven record membershipp within the NBPAF and have achieved a minimum of Advanced Level Green Belt (AGB) prior to consideration of formal application.

This will be done for you if the directing instructor considers your advancement of ranking viable prior to your request for application.


What Is Advanced Level Green Belt (AVB)?

Bushindo-Kai upholds a simplified grading structure which presents the student a sense of achieved recognition within the society.


Ranking Structure:


Entry Level - Cohai

White Belt



Green Belt Level 1

Green Belt Level 2

Green Belt Level 3



Advanced Level Green Belt


In some circumstances a Brown Belt may be awarded if the student maintains AGB Level ranking and is unable to establish Black Belt requirements within a 2 year period.

This ranking will entitle the student to opt for the Red Belt Associates Degree (RBAD) and become a fully authenticated Combat Instructor to AGB Level.

However it does not consent authorised Black Belt Level ranking advancements.

These must be carried out by the NBPAF grading panel in all circumstances if the applicant is below a minimum of Sandan ranking 3rd Degree Black Belt Level.



1st Degree Level Black Belt



2nd Degree Level Black Belt



3rd Degree Level Black Belt


Advancement above Sandan at present must be carried out by recommendation of an external governing body.


What Do The Gradings Cost?

The NBPAF grading panel does not charge for the ranking advancement of students.  The Society is a non profit based organisation and tuition fees are only presented to cover over head costs and assure the continuation of the NPBAF.

At Degree Level a fee may be applicable for your first registration as a Junior Level Instructor within the associate governing body.

Should you wish to pursue higher Level Degree rankings the fees may increase dependant on the terms of ellaboration between the NBPAF and associate governing body or society affiliations.

Black Belt Degree registration may be subject to administration costs when relevant certifcations are issued which will be subsequently charged by the associate governing body to the NBPAF on your behalf.


Should you require further information regarding Black Belt Degree Courses or the formal application of study and devlopment enrollment within the society send your prerequisites form VIA the contact link above.

















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