FREE Membership Applicants


Bushindo-Kai membership for a limited time is without charge.  However you must meet the following requirements:

1. Aged 18 Years and Over - For legal reasons you must be a self consenting adult who is of sound and capable mind.  Martial Arts studies can be dangerous thus we cannot therefore accept any Junior candidates at this time.

2. Illness -  Any on going health conditions which could in danger  the safety of your life or potentially risk serious or severe injury cannot be ignored and must be fully disclosesd at the time of membership application.

3. Criminal Activity - Pending criminal investigation/s or prosecution in place towards an applicatory member must be disclosed at the time of application.  The NBPAF will not under any circumstances be associated with an individual or organisation/s whom shows evidence or association with criminal activity or immoral behaviour.


The board reviews all applications subject to evaluation of the above reuirements to protect the integrity of the society and the grading panel.

If you have any questions regarding membership requirements please contact us prior to request of application.








The NBPAF recognises that some applicants will have previously achieved ranking within other martial arts.

If you have achieved Black Belt ranking 1st Degree or above in a martial art then you may be invited to apply for a Triadic Membership and the board will (subject to evaluation) honour and respect your ranking wihin a proven experience record.

To be elligible you must demonstrate the following:

1. You must forward proven history in writing of your martial arts experience enclosing all relevant certification signed and approved by the grading examiner.

2. These records must show - Rank - Date Of Acheivement - School or Ryu of Style Exhibited, Instructors Name, Address and/or Contactable detail/s.  If required the board will require written documentated evidence showing the afore mentioned certification/s are legible.

3. You will be expected to act in accordance to the references presented within the standard membership requirements governing criminal activity and immoral behaviour.  Any compaint/s forwarded to the board regarding thus entailed will be subject to further investigation and if applicable the membership will be terminated with immediate effect.  The boards decision in all cases is final.

4. All standard membership requirements must be met.  The board cannot accept evidence of junior ranking/s or associated training.


The NBPAF does not in any circumstances authenticate or declare to show undisputable reference to a declared ranking or affiliated grade within its membership group/s.

For further details about Shodan Triadic Membership and a full list of terms please contact the NBPAF directly.

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